Friday, January 27, 2012

Yay for Free Books!

I love free children's books! 

A few months ago I found out about a promotion that Sunny D was having.  Your students were supposed to collect 20 UPC's from Sunny D bottles and then send them in to receive 20 free books for the classroom.  I was very pleased to see that homeschoolers were not excluded. 

Our books finally arrived!  The kids and I were extremely excited to go pick them up.  (They typed up my address wrong so UPS wasn't able to deliver the box, meaning we had to go pick it up a few towns over.)  The girls looked at the books the whole drive home.  And when we got home, we got cozy on the couch and read all 20 of them, one right after another. 

On the form, you had to indicate what grade level you teach.  I wrote pre-K and K so we got a really good selection that all 3 kids could enjoy.  And out of the 20 books, there were only 3 that we already owned.  Two of those three have been boxed away for future birthday gifts (I think I'm turning into the crazy aunt who always gives books for presents.)  When Secundus saw "Knuffle Bunny," the third book that we already had, she instantly knew that she wanted to give it to her friends Clover and Lillie. 

So I ended up spending about 20 dollars on Sunny D, plus gas money to pick up our box, for 20 new books.  While not technically free, that's still a pretty good deal.  I hope they do this again next year!

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