Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Every morning I wake up before the kids and take some quiet time by myself in the office.  As soon as Primus wakes up, she's supposed to come into the office so we can do our calendar and journal time.  (We'll worry about breakfast and getting dressed later.)

This morning instead of coming straight in, she decided to sit in the living room and read a book to herself that she has been practicing for a couple days. 

At first I was annoyed that she hasn't come straight in so we can get started, because we both already woke up late.  But really, isn't she doing, of her own free will, exactly what I want her to do? 

One of my goals was to instill in her a love of reading and a love of learning. 

Well, right now, she is in the other room having a blast reading to herself and laughing at the story.  She loves to read!

So I say, "Mission Accomplished!"  The other formal lessons that I had for her today can wait until later.  Never interrupt a reading child.


  1. Awesome! Although I can't agree with the "never interrupt a reading child". If Mikey had a choice all he would ever do it read. I love that he loves to read, but when I have to put his books on time out just so he'll get dressed and eat in the morning it's a little too obsessive.