Friday, December 30, 2011

The Eductional Value of the Game "Risk"

I am very excited to have a guest poster today, my awesome Hubby!  We are definitely a game-playing family and I know he is excited that he can now start easing the kids into more advanced games like Risk, Settlers, and Ticket to Ride.  And I am excited that such games can be so educational!  Without further ado, here is Hubby's summary of the benefits of Risk:

Some time ago Primus asked me if I wanted to play a game with her. I had assumed she wanted to play SORRY or YATZEE for kids, but in fact she wanted to play RISK; she’s seen the adults play it and is eager to play with us some day. We had a fun game, even mommy joined in, and Primus had several educational experiences.

Risk teaches geography basics. Primus was able to grasp the six main continents and their names. She was able to locate various places of the world to which her family has traveled: vacations, missions, etc.

Risk actively teaches addition, subtraction, and exchange. Primus was able to count out her pieces individually, she learned that cannons and cavalry equaled a set amount of soldiers,  she learned to replace the former units in the event of a loss in battle, and she was able to discern number values with each roll of the dice.

RISK obviously teaches strategy. She was able to identify possibilities and make choices with her options: to attack, where to attack, attack from where.

RISK also teaches a valuable life lesson. Primus was able to experience that,  through no fault or virtue of her own, failure and success are still possible.

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