Monday, December 12, 2011

Educational Poster FAIL

I just opened up a "Landmarks and Symbols of America" poster pack that I ordered and I am disappointed. 

First, the picture they had for Abraham Lincoln was a poorly cropped photo of the statue from his memorial.  What???  Why not use one of the good, contemporary, and highly recognizable paintings of him?

Next, I was hoping the "Constitution of the United States" would be the text of the Preamble.  But instead it is a photo with the preamble in the background on old paper, and a pair of Ben Franklin-type glasses and a feather in the foreground.  Pretty, but useless.

The "Pledge of Allegiance" poster is also completely useless.  Again, I was hoping for the actual text.  But instead I got a picture of a girl with her hand over her heart with a fuzzy American Flag in the background.

But this one takes the cake.  The little information booklet that came with it had this gem of knowledge about the flag, "There are many nicknames for the American flag, including Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, the Stars and Bars, and the Star-Spangled Banner."

Did you catch it?
I'll give you a second.  Go back and re-read that.

Ready?  THE AMERICAN FLAG IS NOT CALLED THE *STARS AND BARS*!  That was the name given to the flag of the Confederacy!

Good job, educational materials publisher.  FAIL.

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