Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craft Round-Up

I want to share some of the crafts we've done in the last month.  It is so easy to be crafty during the holidays!

1. Craft stick star ornaments.  The kids painted the sticks white, then I hot-glued them into the star shape.  The kids put on the finishing touches with Elmer's glue and glitter.

 2. Craft stick tree ornaments.  Again, the kids did the painting and glitter, and I did the hot-gluing.  I tried to get the kids to glue little beads as ornaments for their trees, but Primus wasn't interested.  She only used a single yellow bead in place of a star.

 3. Glass balls ornaments.  I got clear ornaments and poured a little bit of tempera paint inside after removing the hook part.  The kids then shook it up until all of the inside was coated with paint.  Then glitter-glue designs were done on the outside.

4. Stuffed Turkey.  This was made on Thanksgiving Day.  I cut 2 circles out of paper bag and punched holes all the way around.  The kids glued on the feathers and turkey head.  Then the circles were laced together (so the part where the feathers were glued were on the inside.)  A couple balls of newspaper in between the circles before they were finished being laced up made the turkey nice and fat.

5. No-mess painting with wax paper.  This is the same method I used when we made those fall leaves a couple weeks ago.  I love this method!  Fun, easy, looks cool, and no mess!

6. Handprint Santa.  Made for a cute, quick gift for Great Grandparents.

7. Pipe cleaner candy cane.  Nothing spectacular here.  I just handed the girls a couple pipe cleaners and they whipped up a few of these to put on the tree in only a couple minutes.  Not all crafts have to be complicated!

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