Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I thought I had a great idea...

We meet with our ES tomorrow and Ms. Szper told me that she definitely wanted to see some kind of documentation this time of the things Primus has been doing at gymnastics (Fliptastic-which the school is paying for.)

A few weeks ago I took a ton of pictures of Primus during her class.  And that same day, I sat her down and helped her write up a report about gymnastics (fill in the blank questions about her favorite thing to learn, the hardest thing, etc.)  But I have been procrastinating ever since and haven't gotten around to picking which pictures to print and include with her report for Ms. Szyper. 

Like I said, we meet with Ms. Szyper tomorrow so this morning I was working on our learning record and starting to stress that I still hadn't picked out the pictures.  I knew that it would take me forever to choose which pics were the best. 
But then I had a stroke of genius!  Primus can pick her own pictures!  She is almost 6; surely she is computer literate enough to do this on her own.  So I showed her how to scroll through them, and instructed her to write down the numbers of the pictures she liked.
It worked!  Kind of.  Out of 91 photos, she successfully narrowed it down to 11.  But then I was picky and got rid of 7 of them and added 14 of my own choosing.  So question is...did I really end up saving myself any time at all?  Oh well, at least Primus got some computer experience and she had fun doing it.

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