Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 Field Trips in 2 Days

Monday we went on a field trip to see Cinderella by the California Theater Center Inc in Folsom.  It was organized through South Sutter and it was a great opportunity.  I took both girls and they loved it.  It was only an hour and very funny.  When we came home the girls and I made a Ven diagram to compare/contrast the play to the Disney movie.  There were more differences than similarities.

Tuesday our playgroup went on a field trip to Michael's craft store.  It was a free field trip I organized through Field Trip Factory.  It was pretty fun.  I think the kids enjoyed it.  It was really cute to watch them wander through the store all wide-eyed. 
We were supposed to be looking throughout the store for the 6 elements of art which were stolen by pirates.  So we started with a card that gave us a clue for where to find the first element of art.  Then we had to go find the next card in that part of the store.  On each card were discussion questions to get us to think about that element.  For example, we discussed Color in the flower department. 
At the very end, the kids got to draw self portraits and they were supposed to incorporate the 6 elements that they learned about.
It was a really cute idea and the store manager who escorted us was super nice. 

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