Tuesday, March 13, 2012

File Folder Games

My girls and I love file folder games!  So I wanted to share where I've been getting my ideas and templates:

These first 4 that I made came from File Folder Fun.  Such a great site!  So...many...games!  So...little...contact paper and Velcro!  How do I choose which ones to print out??

As soon as I get more clear contact paper, I'm going to make these nursery rhyme sequencing cards into file folder games.  I found the sequencing cards here.  I printed out 12 sets so I figure I'll make 3 file folders with 4 nursery rhymes each.  The big cards that say the nursery rhymes on them will be pockets on the outside of the folder to hold the sequencing cards.

Here's another idea that I want to make into a file folder game: a food chain! 

I got the inspiration when I started cleaning off our bulletin board.  The food chain was briefly introduced, to help the kids understand that all animals need plants to survive, when we were doing our Evan Moor "Learning About Animals" resource book.

So now I want to find some good clip art to create a bigger, more complete chain for a game.  I think I'll even include fungi that decompose animals and link them back to plants to make a cycle.  I found this great site about food chains.  But it looks like they don't really have any usable clip art.

I also want to make a file folder game out of these Landforms and Bodies of Water Puzzles from our Evan Moor "Beginning Geography" workbook.  (Can you tell I love Evan Moor?)


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