Monday, July 30, 2012

Field Trip Ideas Needed

Thankfully, Primus has never resisted our homeschool plans.  But she does know what "regular school" is.  And sometimes (like when we walk past the backpack aisle at Walmart) she will say things like, "When I go to regular school..."

Whenever I can, I point out all the benefits of doing school at home.  One of those benefits is the freedom to do field trips whenever we want. 

Last night Primus brought it up and said she wanted to do a family field trip before school started.  But every suggestion she came up with (zoo, science museum, river, etc) all cost money.  And there is precisely zero extra money floating around our house these days.  It just breaks my heart every time I have to explain that to my kids. 

So my point here is, please help me think of free field trip ideas.  They need to 100% free, as in, I can't even pay for parking.  And I can't travel too far because gas is expensive. 

At the moment, I'm drawing a total blank.  Thanks in advance!


  1. I have a map somewhere of all the trees in Capitol Park--what kind they are and where they came from. That could be a biology lesson - and maybe lunch with Grandma afterwards. And the Capitol itself is free.

    CSUS has an Arboretum somewhere--never been there myself.

  2. Shirley
    Google virtual field trips. There are several options out there. did one for the national zoo. They were able to see all the animals and the various animal cams.