Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weird School Shopping Dream

I'm looking at my old facebook posts and came across this interesting one from May 20th:
Weird dream last night. My supervising teacher told me that we had to go to the homeschool store *right now.* I had no idea what I needed to buy so she suggested I get test tubes. I shopped for a long time (Everyone else was ready to check out and were waiting on me) and couldn't find what I needed (the shelves were practically bare!) Finally found a few, go to the checkout line, and find out t...hose items are not approved for purchase by the school. So all I got was a partially-used roll of clear contact paper.
Weird. one of those vivid "pregnancy dreams." Don't know why I would have a stressful dream about school though; we're out for the summer! (I did go to the homeschool store yesterday, though, and it was an awful experience.)

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