Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Deal on Noah's Ark Flannel Board Set!

My mother-in-law found this awesome deal.  I would like to build a collection of flannel board play sets, so this is perfect for me.

Go to http://www.dailylds.com/deals/up-to-67-off-small-un-cut-noahs-ark-bible-activity-set-lds-kids/
You may have to register your email address to view the deal.

Right now you get the full Noah's Ark felt set for $8.  That's a savings of 67% (I think you still have to pay shipping, though.)

And the more people that buy the deal, the cheaper it will be!  If 50 people buy the set, then the price for everyone will be only $4!

The deal will only last for today.

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