Sunday, August 5, 2012

FHE: Prophets and Apostles

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again (for hopefully the last time): My family has got to get in the habit of Family Home Evening every week!  When we do succeed, I'll try to post about it here.  So this is what we did last week:

Theme: Prophets and Apostles

Pictures needed: A) Current 12 Apostles from the latest conference-issue of the Ensign 
B) Painting of Jesus ordaining the original 12

Discussion: They are called of God.  They help lead the Church.  The testify of Christ.

Child Involvement:  Primus read out loud the names of all the current apostles.  Secundus counted out loud how many apostles there are/were.  (We were disappointed to realize that the copy of picture B that we have-from the Gospel Art Picture Kit-does not show all 12)

Personal Application:  Last Sunday I happened to attend another ward, to support a friend that was doing a fifth-Sunday presentation.  I was shocked and excited when I walked into Sacrament Meeting late and found that Elder L. Tom Perry just happened to be in town and was speaking that day.  Afterwards, of course everyone wanted to shake his hand.  I was hesitant to go get in line because I wasn't sure it was appropriate-almost seems that treating him like a celebrity would be showing disrespect to the sacred nature of his calling.  But then my friend went up so I followed her.

 I'm glad I didn't pass up the opportunity!  He was genuinely kind and loving and happy to be with the Saints.  A few minutes later he happened to walk past the bench where I was standing with my friend and I got to shake his hand a second time.  As he walked past I stuck out my hand and asked, "Do I get a second shake?"  I don't know if he remembered me, but he responded, "Of course!" 

Another friend from the other ward in the building told me later that Elder Perry came into the Primary room and expressed his love for the children and told the kids that the Prophet wanted him to come to the Primary and tell them that President Monson loves them, too. 

So I was able to share all this with my kids and bare testimony to them.  They thought it was so cool that Mommy had such an experience. 

Video:  We watched L. Tom Perry's testimony from Special Witnesses of Christ.

Coloring Page:  They worked on this while we watched the video.  I found a page that had drawings of the prophets Moses, Nephi, Noah, and Joseph Smith to color from a sharing-time idea manual I was given.  It also had a place for the girls to draw a picture of the current prophet, President Monson.

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