Friday, August 17, 2012

Substitute Teacher

Yesterday, the 4th day of our first week of school, was awful. 

Due to various reasons, I was feeling really stressed out and cranky and totally off my game.  So I didn't even attempt to do any schooling.  And the fact that I was wasting a school day this early in the year made me feel even crappier, which gave me even less motivation to do school work.  Vicious circle. 

After dinner, as I painted my toenails and wasted time on facebook, Hubby decided to sit the kids down to give them an impromptu history lesson.  I don't know if his motivation was that he is just as passionate about this homeschool journey as me and didn't want a wasted day, or if he wanted to cheer me up, or if one of the kids had asked him a history question, or if the topic just happened to be on his mind so he wanted to share.  Probably a combination of all four. 

The lesson this day was on the Presidential curse of the year zero.  Know what I'm talking about?  Every president elected in a year ending in zero dies in office. 

He brought out the whiteboard and the president flashcards and taught them about the origins of the curse and which presidents it effected.  He also talked about how it appears that Reagan had beat the curse. 

I was really impressed with how well Primus was remembering the dates of when certain presidents were elected when he was quizzing her.  Daddy is going to have to substitute more often!

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