Sunday, August 12, 2012

FHE: Temples

This is what I pulled together at the last minute last week.  It actually was basically the sunbeam lesson I had given the Sunday before so all the materials were still sitting in my church bag. 

Theme: Temples

Pictures Needed:  Any pictures of temples that you have lying around.  I liked showing them a mix of temples they recognize as well as temples they haven't seen before. 

Discussion: The temple is the House of the Lord.  That phrase is written on the outside of every temple.  Temples are special places where families can be sealed for eternity.  People wear white when they go inside to help us remember that we need to be clean and pure.

Child Involvement: I wrote the following questions on long strips of white fabric.  The kids picked one at a time and we discussed the answer.  Then the girls enjoyed wearing the fabric around their necks like scarves. 
*Do we yell or whisper in the temple?
*What can you do to prepare to go to the temple?
*The temple is the House of who?
*What color clothes do we wear in the temple?
*Can families be together forever?
*What can you do in the temple when you grow up?
*How does the temple make you feel?

Personal Application:  We talk often about the fact that Daddy and Mommy were married in the temple so the kids are "born in the covenant."  So we brought that up again and then talked about when Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy got sealed about 2 years ago. 

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