Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Crafts

We've been doing a lot of Halloween crafts.  We don't own many Halloween decorations, and I'm not exactly sure where they would be packed away anyway.  Plus, I still haven't gotten any photographs put up at this house.  So our bare walls definitely welcomed the many wonderful creations we've come up with!
I got most of these ideas from doing a quick search on Pinterest.  They are all super easy!
Several of them were done with a paper plate that we painted.  We had to paint the bottoms because the inside of the plate was too glossy for washable tempera paint to stick well.  We used sponges to do the painting so they could experiment with how to paint different textures.  I thought just stamping the sponge looked better.  But the girls mostly liked to just rub the sponge around.
Pumpkin. Plate painted orange. Green hand prints on white paper, with brown stem painted on. Cut out and stapled to top. 
Spider.  Plate painted black.  Crinkled construction paper legs and circle construction paper head stapled on.  Glitter glue to decorate.

Ghost.  Face drawn on paper plate with black marker.  White streamers taped to bottom.

Spider.  Black hand prints (don't put paint on the thumbs!)  Googly eyes glued on and spider web painted.

Witch.  Plate painted green.  For the hair, cut strips in orange construction paper, leaving a couple inches uncut at the top of the paper.  Staple hair and black construction paper hat to plate.  The nose is a small orange paper triangle glued to the plate only at the bottom so it can stand out.  Face and moles drawn with black marker.

Ghost.  Thick bundle of white yarn, folded in half.  Tie string around near top to create head.  Glue on small black puff balls for eyes. 

Ghosts.  White footprints.  Face drawn with black marker.

And there are a few more to come!

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