Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to Brag

Our ES (basically my supervising teacher) assesses Primus at the beginning of every school year.  Last year and this year it was an oral test.  Next year, second grade, she will have to start doing it herself on paper. 

Last time we met, ES showed me the results of the test.  Primus scored as a 3rd grader for oral vocab and comprehension!  I am not surprised.  I could have told you that she had a big vocabulary and could remember and understand things really well.  But it is so awesome to see it officially recorded in writing!  My kid is super smart!

In light of that, my ES held up the two book reports that Primus had done this month for the Magic Tree House books she read.  She looked at me and basically said, "Next month don't let her dictate the plot to you.  She should be doing it herself." 
Ouch!  Yes, I suppose I baby her too much at times.  She is very smart in her oral skills, but not so much on paper.  Truthfully, she has a really hard time focusing enough to write very much or very fast.  And I definitely do not have the patience for her to spend several hours writing the summary of a plot of one chapter book. 

So I have been letting her get away with dictating a lot of things to me instead.  It's been tough these last couple weeks, but Primus knows that she is being expected to write more.  For example, instead of just 2 sentences about a prompt in her morning journal, she now has to do 3. 

Whenever she gets whiny about having to write so much, I just blame it on the ES.  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I'm glad we homeschool with a charter school instead of just on our own.  :)

I'm excited to see if at the beginning of next year Primus will be able to prove that her written vocabulary and comprehension have caught up with her oral scores!

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