Friday, October 26, 2012

More Halloween Crafts

So here is Halloween crafts round 2!

Lift-the-Flap Haunted House.  I found the template and instructions here.  Of course my girls picked pink!  If we weren't running low on black construction paper, I would have pushed a little harder for that. 

Q-Tip Skeleton.  Note that some of them had to be cut short, just with regular (not kid) scissors (fingers, feet, neck.)  Pour some white glue in a bowl and then dip the cotton end of the q-tips into the glue before putting them on the paper.

Spider Web.  Cut out the middle of a paper plate and punch holes all the way around.  Tie one end of a long string to one of the holes.  Put masking tape around the other end to make lacing easier. 

Spider.  Cut 2 black "pipe cleaners" in half, so you end up with 4 pieces.  Twist them together in the middle to make the legs.  Glue on a big black puff ball for the body and a small black puff for the head.  We used Tacky Glue.
Candy Corn Garland.  Trace a candy corn shape (rounded triangle) on a 8X10 piece of cardboard.  Cut it out and cut into 3 pieces.  Then use your three templates to cut out shapes from white, orange, and yellow.  Glue the colors together in order by overlapping them just a little bit.  We strung 3 candy corns together by simply scotch-taping a length of string between them.

Ghost Face.  Put some water in the bottom of a clean, empty gallon milk jug so it won't blow away in the wind.  The face is cut from black construction paper and glued on with Tacky Glue.

Witch Broom.  Cut strips in a paper lunch sack from the top all the way to the bottom (leave the bottom in tact.)  Fill a second paper lunch sack with dirt and plant a stick in it.  Gather the pieces of the first paper bag up around the second one.  Tie the top tightly with a string. 

Pumpkin.  Color a coffee filter with orange marker.  Then spritz with water and allow to dry.  The water will make the ink bleed and spread.  (If you get it too wet, though, your marker may all wash away.)  For the stem and leaf, color green and brown patches on another filter and cut out shapes when dry.  I laminated our finished pumpkins with clear contact paper to make them more durable and hung them in the window.

Monster Masks.  Tape a large tongue-depressor to one side of a paper plate.  Cut eye holes from the plate and decorate with markers, construction paper, and any other collage materials you have on hand.

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