Monday, October 1, 2012

Old Town Field Trip

This week we took a field trip to historic Old Sacramento with our dear friends Cindy and Candy. 

Here is the summary that Primus dictated to me:
We went to Candy Heaven.  And we tasted some blue candy. I tasted Bit-O-Honey.  Secundus tasted caramel.  And then we all went downtown.  And on the way there, as Cindy and Candy went to a store to buy rocks, me and my siblings played on the statue buffalo.  And each time when I got up there, once my sister and brother both wanted to get on the buffalo with me so I could hold them safe and not fall if my arms were on them.  And then I said, "One at a time!"  And I said, "Secundus, can I please let Tertius go first."  And then she said, "No."  And then Cindy and Candy walked back with our bags full of rocks.  Tertius got all different kind of colors, just like Cindy.  Secundus got red.  And I got green, my favorite color.
And before we went to old town, me and Secundus got on our M&M shirts and Mommy asked me to get Tertius' M&M shirt. 
As we walked, we saw a carriage.  And as we walked more, we saw a train and we saw a place that led down to the river that Sacramento was built near. 
When we came back to Cindy's house to drop her off, we stayed for a little while. And as we got in, Cindy asked me if I wanted to pick apples from her apple bush.  And then after that we went into Cindy's room and we watched Disney Junior and watched Mickey Mouse.  And that Mickey Mouse title was called, the Golden Booboo with Daisy O'Dare.  And then we came home and tasted some of our taffy and then we ate my gummies and Secundus' lollipop. 

Secundus' summary:
When we were walking to the candy shop, I buyed a lollipop. And the words on each lollipop wrapper, they had a W so that word looked like Willy Wonka. But it wasn't. It was Whirly Pop. And when I tasted it, it tasted great! And I decided that I'll eat it at home. Then my mother said when we were home, she said, "If you want to buy candy, then you have to get a wallet to carry your money." So we wanted to get candy, then we got a wallet and it was full of money from our banks. Then I thought it was in Missouri. And I asked Cindy when we were getting her, "Do you know how to get to Old Sacramento?" "No." "Are you sure?" And then she said, "Yes." And then when we got home, we ate our candy. And we saved the licorice for school and that was the end.

Some extra details:

I was very sad that we couldn't get very close to the old one-room schoolhouse.  There were a ton of volunteers working to spruce things up.  While we stood across the street, Cindy and I explained what it would have been like back then.  The girls thought it was cool that they could see a couple swings outside of the school.

Note the cool old boardwalks.

Sacramento was built right next to the river.  It was really cool to be able to make connections to our recent history lesson about why ancient cities were built near rivers (Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc.)
This was also there first time seeing the big paddle on the back of a boat so I got to explain how that worked.

We saw several trains.

Cool old firetruck.

There is some kind of event coming up in Old Town so there were several people rehearsing and blocking for a play.  The only one in full costume was Abraham Lincoln.  We have a fondness for Abe because Grandpa has the same style beard.  We hung around and watched for quite a while.  When they were all done, the kids had stopped paying attention and were instead concerned with staying out of the way of the trucks spraying down the dust.  Apparently he was watching them and said, "You don't want to get wet, do you?"  Primus thought that was so cool that he talked to them.

Here's that buffalo she talked about.

It was a great trip and we were all exhausted when it was over.

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