Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kool-Aid Playdough Birthday Gifts

I never know what to get my many nieces and nephews for their birthdays.  For the four that live near me, I have started to DO something with them instead of giving a tangible gift.  They love it and I love it!  Some of the things we've made are a big cupcake, Oreo balls, chocolate mud, and mini cinnamon rolls.

But what can I do for the ones that live in another state?  A search of Pinterest brought me this great idea: Playdough Kits!  I made up a bunch and am sending them in someone's luggage.

On the ziplock bag I wrote the recipe:
1) combine 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 pkg Kool-Aid, and 2 Tbs oil in a big bowl
2) add 1 cup boiling water
3) stir with a wooden spoon until cool enough to handle
4) knead by hand until totally mixed

Here you can see everything included in the bag: 

The flour and salt are mixed in a small peanut butter jar.  That jar is the perfect size to store the finished dough. 
The oil is in a small plastic breast milk storage bottle. 
I also included a small playdough mold I happened to have (from buying these in the past) and a tongue depressor.  (Craft sticks are the best, cheap little tool to use for cutting, pressing, and poking playdough.  Plus, the jar is just a little too deep to make digging it out with your fingers easy or comfortable-so use the stick.)

I hope they enjoy it.  And I hope they think of how much their Auntie Shirley loves them while they help their parents mix up their dough.

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