Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Testimony of a Child

Secundus gave a talk today in Primary. I'm a fan of letting kids write their own talks. They are more capable than we sometimes think. So I told Secundus to tell me about Easter. The following is what she told me to write down:

Easter is about when Jesus died. He died on the cross. Then Joseph of Arimethea took him to the tomb. Two soldiers were standing by the tomb to make sure no one took his body. And when Jesus was resurrected, angels scared away the soldiers. Jesus told Mary to go tell his disciples that He was resurrected. They didn't believe her. So Jesus came and showed them His hands. And then they knew that He was resurrected and that He was Jesus.

I then told her that she should end her talk with a testimony and I explained that a testimony is the truth-something that you know to be true. So she had me write, "I know that Jesus is alive right now."

Happy Easter!

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