Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slow down and go with the flow...

My goal lately has been to make school more fun.  For me, that doesn't necessarily mean that I have to plan more crafts or games.  But it does mean that I will push less hard, enjoy more, and let the kids have time to be kids. 

Yesterday that meant that when I gave Primus her spelling test, every word was given as an insult in a sentence.  ("Oil.  I'm going to pour oil on your head.  Oil."  "Stopped.  I stopped liking you the day you were born.  Stopped.")  This kind of teasing is received well in my house.  She thought it was hilarious and came up with her own comebacks, also using spelling words.

Today that meant two impromptu field trips. 

I have been meaning to find time to go to one of my favorite toy stores to do some school shopping (they are an approved vendor for our charter.)  This morning I noticed that they were doing a story-time and activity about the water cycle.  So we piled into the car and while the kids played, I did my shopping. 

When we left, I remembered that the fish hatchery was nearby.  I knew that the salmon weren't climbing the ladder anymore, but I hoped the visitor center was open.  It was and it was empty so we had the undivided attention of the naturalist working there, much to the delight of Secundus.  Then we spent plenty of un-rushed time feeding the baby trout in the outdoor tanks.

On the way home we stopped by grandma's house for lunch and a quick visit.  Then we came home to read a whole bunch of Greek myths, at Primus' request.  It was by all accounts a great day!

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