Saturday, November 23, 2013

9 Things You May Not Know About Us

In honor of our 9th wedding anniversary coming up, here are 9 things you may not know about us…

1. While we were dating, we broke up for 5 weeks because God told us to.

2. Hubby was my first boyfriend (well, second if you count those 5 weeks we were broken up.) I was 19, he was 23.

3. We went through a really rough patch about 4 years ago. A counselor we saw even suggested divorce. Neither of us went back to see her after that.

4. We were both virgins until our wedding night.  If I could go back in time to when I saw that gyno before our wedding who told me I was lying about being a virgin and that my fiance was lying to me and definitely sleeping around, I would punch him in the face.  Jerk.

5. He stood me up on our first blind date. But we didn’t put the pieces together until after we were engaged.

6. We got married 9 months after we started dating. That's about a year after we met.

7. We took an Xbox with us on our honeymoon and played Halo together.

8. He blames me for the fact that he got sick and had to come home from his mission early. If he had served his full 2 years, we may have never met because I had plans to transfer to a University out of state and would have been gone when he got home.

9. We are best friends and can’t imagine life without each other. So thankful for our Temple marriage and the promise of Eternal families!

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