Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Ornament Crafts

 I love to make Christmas ornaments with my kids.  I prefer my tree to be filled with hand-crafted ornaments rather than Hallmark.  So every year I come up with a couple easy crafts that the kids can do.  Here's what we came up with this year.

These hand prints were done with tempera paint on cardboard circles (white paint doesn't show up on white paper!) and then glued to red construction paper hearts.  Tertius did the snowmen, Quartus did the reindeer, Secundus did the Santa, and Primus did the candy cane.  Primus' hand wouldn't fit on the circle, so I just drew a simple candy cane shape for her and then she finger painted the stripes. 

I had a few of these empty clear glass balls on hand so this was a super easy thing to have them do one night before bed.  It was good fine-motor skills practice for Tertius, too!  Just remove the top and then fill with little colored puff balls.

Find instructions for this pinecone pineapple ornament here.  

This one isn't the prettiest but definitely the fastest one to do.  To make a bell, cut out one cup of an egg carton and cover it with foil.  Then use a pencil to poke a hole in the top.  Put a small piece of pipe cleaner through to form the loop at the top and the clapper inside.  

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