Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Keeping Christ in Christmas

We love Christmas!  Although we do believe in Santa around here, it's important to me for my kids to remember the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior!  Here are four ways that we do that:

1. Advent Calendar.  You can read about our tradition here.  The last couple years the kids didn't know all the songs.  So we had several nights where I tried to sing with Primus reading the words over my shoulder, off key right in my ear.  Memorable, but distracting.  We fit several of the songs into our scripture memorization time the last few months though, so this year was better.

2. Birthday cake for Jesus.  You have to have birthday cake at a birthday party, right?  So why not have one for Jesus?  We eat ours on Christmas Eve.  We even sing the birthday song.  This year Secundus decided we should have this Mickey Mouse cake.  I'm actually really proud of how it turned out!  And I'm sure Jesus would have loved it, too.  :)

3. Kids' Nativity Blocks.  I made these a couple years ago.   They are still in great condition and the kids love to play with them.  On Christmas Eve, Primus got to use them to teach us all the biblical account of Jesus' birth.  I would love to add some characters from the Book of Mormon account.

4. Present for Jesus.  This was new for us this year and we will definitely be doing it again.  At the beginning of the month we talked about Christmas being Jesus' birthday and how the way we give him gifts is to do service for others.  So then every night we wrote on little pieces of paper the acts of service we did that day and then folded them up and put them in our present for Jesus.  For the kids, especially Tertius, they were mostly things like, "I cleaned up when mommy asked me to," or, "I shared my hat with my sister."

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