Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rice Crispy Great Wall

  We're studying Ancient China and so decided to build the Great Wall out of Rice Crispy Treats.

I made up a quadruple batch and cooled them in three 9X13 pans (lined with greased wax paper.) When I put them in the pan, I pushed it down with my hand (coated in cooking spray) to make them more dense and sturdy.

 Then I cut them into very small squares.  We ended up with a lot extra, but the kids should have built bigger walls so it would have been a good amount.

For mortar we used jarred frosting.
 Tertius just stuck a bunch together in a random order.  But, boy, was he proud!

When we placed the girls' next to each other it made a longer wall. This led to a good review of how the Great Wall was composed in places of previously built walls linked together and repaired

 It was a fun activity.  Even Quartus got in on the action (the best part-eating it!) when Tertius dropped a big chunk on the floor.

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