Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy and Proud (A Baptism Dress Tale)

Today I worked on making Primus' baptism dress. Really, I'm just adding lace and embellishments to a blouse and skirt she already owned.

At one point I had her try on the blouse and wanted some extra input on where to place those flowers on her collar.  So I called Hubby over and asked for his opinion.  He immediately covered his eyes and asked, "Before I even look at it, tell me what you want from me.  Do you want my honest opinion?  Or do you want me to say something to make you happy and proud?"

Smart man!  You can tell we've been married for a few years.

I just wanted him to tell me where to put the darn flowers-I didn't even need his ego stroking this time.  So as I chuckled and hesitated with my answer, Primus very sweetly whispered, "Happy and proud."

Well, daughter, Daddy and I can tell you sincerely that the blouse is beautiful!  You did an excellent job helping me pick out the perfect accessories, buttons, and trim.  So you should feel happy and proud!

But more importantly, you should feel happy and proud of yourself for making the decision to be baptized and take this step on the path to Eternal Life with your Heavenly Father.  Daddy and I are extremely happy and proud of you.  And I know that your Heavenly Father, who loves you with a perfect love, is happy and proud of you, too!

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