Thursday, February 20, 2014

Small Table Time Update

Today was awesome!  Again, the girls completed most of their school work at the kitchen table before 11 o'clock.  That just left math facts practice (Xtra Math), free reading, and literature (we read and discussed One Fine Day and sponge painted pictures of trees.)

After lunch we played a landforms and bodies of water matching game, made a sundial, and planted some root vegetables in a special planter so we can watch the roots grow.

At one point this afternoon I was sitting in my rocking chair, cuddling the boys and playing hangman with Secundus using her spelling list words.  It was so relaxed and fun!

School was fun today!  That's how it should be!  I haven't smiled this much on a school day in a long time.

Why didn't I try this sooner??  Oh, I know; because I'm stubborn and prideful.  I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for guiding me to try this change.  He knew what was best for His children and has been trying to tell me that for months.  I am thankful that He is so patient with me!

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