Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Thanks to a fun tradition (our Schultuten), the first day of school is exciting!  It's like Christmas!

After they opened their Schultuten and ate breakfast, I did calendar time with the boys then spelling review with the girls.  They each also had a small independent assignment.

After that, we did "history" time, which consisted of the girls practicing our favorite Horrible Histories sketch (eventually we will record and post it).  Then we read a story book about an origami girl coming to life, a la Pinocchio, because we ended last school year learning about Japan.

Before lunch we did "P.E." at the bowling alley, which was empty!  After lunch we did a little bit of our new literature studies and a quick, messy art project.

Today was a success and a great way to start the school year!  Primus kept telling me several times that "Today is the best first day of school ever!"  I think it helped that she won at bowling.

Primus, 4th grade
Secundus, 2nd grade

Tertius, Kinder
Quartus, 2 year old


  1. I love that tradition that they have! Your kids are the best!

    1. Isn't it great? I think I read about it on someone else's blog and was like, "German?! Yes!" lol

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