Sunday, August 16, 2015

No Summer Is Complete Without a Trip to the Beach

Or when a beach trip isn't possible, a crafty snack is a good alternative.  :)

Remember how you can make "dirt cups" with chocolate pudding, Cool-whip, and crushed Oreos?  

Instead we used vanilla pudding, Cool-whip, and Golden Oreos.  That formed the basis of each kids' beach.  Then crushed vanilla wafers was the sand layered on top.

Blue Jello became the ocean, with Swedish Fish splashing in the waves.

What I did:
1. mix the pudding with milk (the kids often help me with this, but not this time)
2. stir the Cool-whip and crushed Oreos into the pudding
3. prepare the Jello (the kids often help me with this, but not this time)

What Primus did:
1. crush the Oreos (I doubled bagged them in a ziplock for her.)

What all the kids did:
1. scoop the "beach" onto their plates
2. scoop the Jello onto their plates
3. crush their own small bag of Nilla wafers and sprinkle on top of beach
4. add Swedish Fish to "water."  Some of them buried their fish under the Jello, and some made them look like the fish were jumping out of the water.