Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

We spent the whole morning celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. 

First we went to our local Target for their storytime.  The kids got awesome goody bags which consisted of a cloth bag, a juice box, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, crayons, stickers, a coloring page, and a mustache.

The storytime was awful, though.  We stayed long enough to hear two different 20-something chicks read several different books.  Obviously they don't have kids.  They were reading so quiet and monotone!  It was the worst storytime I have ever been to!  They were reading as if they were reading it to themselves for the first time.  It was so bad that I talked to the lady at the Guest Services desk on our way out.

Next we drove to Lakeshore Learning Store.  But we were 20 minutes too early for their activities.  There was a Target right down the street so we stopped in there.  So each of the kids got a second goody bag.  And this storytime lady was great!  I am so glad that we stopped by!

Here's pictures of the crafts we did at Lakeshore.  The hat is supposed to be a Thing 1 or 2 hat.  The plate hanging around her neck was supposed to be a Thing 1 or 2 sign.  In their hands are a bookmark and a silly character puppet.

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