Friday, February 24, 2012

A Hard Lesson Learned

Primus had a lesson today on not cheating and not lying.

This afternoon while we were doing an errand, she decided to do some pages from a Princess-themed math workbook that we got from the 99 Cent Store.  I noticed right away, though, that she had found the answer key in the back of the book and was using it to complete the first page. 

I was shocked and disappointed and gave her a quick lecture about cheating.  Then I removed the answer key. 

An hour later, we were home and I put the answer key back in the workbook.  Primus decided to do some more pages.  When she was done, she brought it to me to show me the page she did.  The page she had done was just a bit beyond her skill level so I asked her if she cheated again and several times she denied it.  But then I realized some compelling evidence and then she cracked and told me the truth.

I was mortified!  She's cheating!  And she's lying about it! 

She got a big lecture about it from me and Hubby.  Then she had to do two extra pages.  And then she was denied her daily media-time allowance.  I sure hope this lesson sunk in!

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