Friday, February 24, 2012

Scripture Memorization

Right from the beginning of our homeschool in the fall, I knew I wanted to start our day with memorizing a scripture or hymn.  So we started singing one Article of Faith per day until we had them all memorized. 

Then a couple months ago I discovered the Charlotte Mason method for scripture memorization.  It is awesome!  There is a good description of it here:

Instead of index cards in a box, we use a binder with dividers.  We have used this method since the beginning of January.  And we have already memorized the scriptures that go along with the monthly themes in Primary for January, February, and March.  We've also memorized all 3 verses of the new song, "As a Child of God."  And now we are working on all 3 verses of the song, "Choose the Right" from the hymn book. 

I love starting the day with the scriptures and inspired hymns!

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