Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bridging Ceremony

At the aforementioned end-of-year party with our homeschool group, they did a "bridging ceremony."  Each kid walked across a bridge to the waiting parents one at a time to represent moving from one grade to another.  When they got to the end, they stopped and received a certificate and waited as a few sentences about their accomplishments was read.

Here is what was read about each of my kiddos

Primus, 3rd grade
Primus strives to always be truthful, responsible, kind, and fair. She is very helpful and when there is a chore to be done, we can count on her to be the first to complete it with no whining. Her favorite thing to learn this year was how to write in cursive. In gymnastics, she has been working all year on learning how to cartwheel and we are very proud of the progress she made. She loves to learn about fractions and was excited to see how easy it is to add and subtract them.

Secundus, 1st grade
Secundus is a good friend, independent, confident, and a natural leader. She's very smart and often impresses us with how fast she can learn and analyze new concepts. Something she was excited about learning this year was about money. She practiced her new skills at Christmas time when she did a fundraiser to pay for her ballet recital and helped mommy at a craft fair. We were especially proud of her when she was chosen to play “small Alice” in a production of Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Tertius, preschool 
Tertius is our energetic, stereotypical boy and a joy in our lives. Though he is wiggly, Mommy was very proud that he was able to sit and complete several workbooks this year. He's also good at puzzles. He started learning to read and is making quick progress. His favorite song at his music class is the introduction song when we go around the room and say hi to every child by name.

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