Monday, June 8, 2015

For days when I feel like a goldfish trying to fight a dragon...

Sometimes I look around at the world, our political climate, decaying morals, and controversial topics in the news, and I get discouraged, disgusted, and frustrated by it all.  I really feel overwhelmed and dragged down.  I want the world to be a better, safer place for my children.

But how can I possibly make a difference?

There aren't enough hours in the day!

I don't have the time, energy, means, or influence to make a dent.

It feels like fighting an uphill battle, and that's exhausting.

Like David fighting Goliath, or rather, like a goldfish fighting a dragon.  Impossible.

It's times like these that I have to stop, pray, and remind myself that I don't have to save the world.  Sometimes all I can do at this stage of my life is focus on being a good mother.  I can't change the world, but I can affect the lives of these innocent children that the Lord has placed in my care.

can teach my children that they are children of God.

I can teach them to be responsible and respectful.

I can teach them the Gospel and the joy that it can bring.

I can teach them about Christ and the peace that the Atonement can bring.

I can teach them to give service and be examples for good.

I can teach them the value of having high morals and standards.

I can teach them to stay close to the Savior and follow His prophet.

I can teach them that when they feel discouraged or have temptations, questions, or trials, that they should turn to their Heavenly Father in prayer and read His words in the scriptures.

I don't have to fight Goliath. I just have to equip my children to fight the metaphorical goliaths that they will encounter in this tumultuous world.  And Heavenly Father will help me to do that, so I don't have to be so scared.


  1. Sometimes I feel the same way--have the same fears. And even as I began reading this post I came to the same conclusions you did; we just have to do our best to teach our children to trust in and rely on the Lord. I feel that it is an example of the Lord's burden being easy. It's certainly easier than fear! Or trying to fight Goliath alone!

    1. Thank you! It's nice to know I'm not the only one.