Sunday, June 7, 2015

Transportation-Themed Graham Cracker Treats

 On a whim I decided to have the kids make these fun treats for snack at Grandma Cindy's house.   This day Grandma was babysitting two other boys so it was nice to share this project with them, too.  They really enjoyed it, as predicted.  And it was good practice for the kids in spreading with a knife.  That's so hard to do!

The little brown one is a traffic light on one quarter graham cracker, with chocolate frosting and M&Ms.

The yellow one is a school bus.  Full size graham cracker, yellow frosting, Oreos for wheels, M&Ms for headlight and tail light, Cinnamon Toast Crunch for windows.

Finally, that pink monstrosity was originally going to be a fire truck.  (You can use pretzel sticks to make a ladder and M&Ms for sirens.)  But I forgot to grab my can of red frosting, and using red food coloring in white frosting only gives you pink.  I even tried to add some chocolate frosting to darken it but that only made it look fushia.  Oh well, it's a pink car I guess.  The kids didn't mind.

So proud of the finished product!  

Quartus was just given one of his sibling's left over frosting plate with a knife, a handful of M&Ms, and a few graham cracker pieces.  That kept him busy and happy for quite a while.

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