Thursday, June 11, 2015

So Proud of My Little Boy! Learning to Read!

Tertius is learning to read and I am just blown away at how well he's doing!

He's five and will start Kindergarten officially in the fall.  Right now we are on lesson 32 out of 100 in our curriculum (Distar).  If he keeps going at the pace he's going now, he could be starting his Kinder year as a reader!

This summer I'm motivating the girls to do chores, practice German, and drill math facts by rewarding them with media time and popsicles.  Tertius can get the rewards by doing chores or a lesson of Distar with me.  Some days he has asked to do 2 lessons in one day.

At the beginning of this last school year I was convinced that I would start with him.  But he wasn't ready to sit and focus with me.  Also, at the time I wasn't ready to give him the consistent one-on-one time needed each day to really make the lessons stick.  So we did a handful of lessons (maybe up to 15?) and then stopped.  When we started again a several months later, we went back to the beginning.  And then we got lazy and fell out of habit again.  But now we're going strong.  He and I are both a lot more motivated and encouraged to keep going now that we see him making progress.

Now he's doing so well with it!  He's able to stay focused and he's making quick progress. If he doesn't care about something, then good luck getting him to do it!  On the other hand, once he has his mind set on something, there's no way you can stop him!

I am so proud of him.  It's exciting to watch my little ones learn such an important basic skill.  Sometimes motherhood and homeschooling can be so rewarding!