Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Buying the Fun Kinder Stuff

(I'm not affiliated with Lakeshore in any way.  I share this because I'm just so darn excited to go shopping for school supplies!)

This week I got an email confirming that Tertius is officially enrolled in Kindergarten with our charter school.  Our ES is coming tomorrow to have us sign the student agreements.

When I told him, Tertius could hardly control his excitement.  To celebrate, I took him to Lakeshore to order some things just for him.  With sales and coupons, we were able to get some great deals today!

One huge benefit of him being the third homeschooled kid is that our school money stretches further.  We already have all the basics we need.  So now a lot of the money allocated for him goes to fun stuff!
He got to pick out new counters and went with dinosaurs.  The classic three-size colored bear counters have served us well for four years but it's time for something different.

I'm really excited about this Gear Builder set. I found this Safari Gears set at a thrift store many years ago and it's been a big hit.  It was very handy last year when we were learning about Simple Machines.  But it's seen better days.  And this new set has more gears and looks like it will be a lot easier to put together and with more options for creativity.

When Tertius wasn't looking, I put a couple things into the cart that would be fun surprises.  I love it when our ES brings our orders. It's like Christmas!

This first surprise is going to be these What's Inside Animals Xrays.  (I couldn't find it on Lakeshore's website so this link is for another school supplier.)  I've been eyeing them for a while and decided with the sale price, this was a good time to add these to our science exploration box.

The second surprise is going to be this simple Dough Tool Set.  Our playdough drawer is mostly cookie cutters and tongue depressors.  It will be fun to finally have some cheap basic tools.  Why the heck didn't I ever order these sooner?

I can't wait for school to start in a month!


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    1. My poor husband just rolls his eyes at me :) I love to shop for school stuff (I was meant to be a teacher!) so it's a good thing we have charter funds or we'd be in the poor house! lol