Friday, July 24, 2015

Spouse and Family Support Guide, Ch 1 God Will Console Us

Last semester Hubby had a class on Tuesday nights which made it difficult for me to attend the Family Support Group that I used to facilitate.  But now I have started going back and am loving it!

 I used to go primarily to help other people.  But now I have to choose to go for myself.  It's a wonderful mid-week gospel study and testimony meeting.  You don't have to have an addiction or know someone who has an addiction to benefit from this group!

I'm trying to be better (again) about my personal nightly scripture study.  I've decided that every night I am going to study the Spouse and Family Support Guide.  This is the manual we discuss in the meetings.  I'm journaling my answers to the discussion questions, and thoughts I have as I study the Personal Learning and Application section.  And since I do better at sticking to things when I have outside accountability and feel obligated, I'm going to blog my journals here.

These will not be my unedited journal entries.  The really personal stuff will be saved for my own reflection and for sharing in the confidential meetings.  I also won't be including the many, many quotes that touched my heart and that I highlighted in the additional readings linked at the end of each chapter.  You're going to have to go read and find those gems yourself!

Please follow the link, read along, and share your own thoughts in the comments if you feel so inspired.

Chapter 1. God Will Console Us

I know that God knows me. He helped me get through many trials in the past and overcome my codependent thoughts and behaviors. There is no way that I could have come out of that all on my own. I felt his influence giving me strength and changing my heart. If I remember how He has helped me in the past, it will give me faith and courage to overcome in the future.

I know that if I feel that God is ignoring me, then the problem is actually with me! I'm probably the one who stepped away and isn't listening to Him. Another explanation is that sometimes it is His plan for us to struggle on our own for a time so that we can learn important things.

I know that God knows and loves me and my family. I feel it.

One huge way that Heavenly Father has supported me in my trials is to simply send his Holy Spirit to comfort me. When I break down in tears, He has sent the Holy Ghost to literally hug me. Sometimes that's all I need to make it through the day.

If you feel that He is not supporting you, then you have to look at yourself. Are you doing all you can to invite Him into your life?   

 I need to wax bolder in mighty prayer.

I need to work on my “addiction” to sugar/overeating, and facebook. These are not healthy for me and not a good example to my children. If I can overcome addictions/bad habits, then I will have further spiritual strength and be closer to my Heavenly Father.

God is aware of my challenges and is supporting me. I've received powerful priesthood blessings. I've felt the Holy Ghost as I've poured out my soul in prayer. Our family is not homeless. We have rarely had to buy clothes. We've always been well fed. Hubby is doing well in school. We are all healthy. We have been physically sustained in so many ways. We have amazing friends who have given us pick-me-ups in the form of kind words, temporal help, etc. My faith is strengthened when I remember all these blessings. I need to write them down more often and focus on the positives in my life.

I know that God is aware of my personally and what I am going through. I have always known and felt this. The hard part for me is to wait patiently on His timetable for my trials. I need more faith to trust in His plan for me and my family.


  1. You wrote, " I need to wax bolder in mighty prayer."

    To which I say Amen!!! I always have a prayer in my heart, and I participate in family prayers, and I do offer personal prayers regularly, but I don't think I take hold of the true power of prayer that I could.

    And I find it a mystery because prayer is available at all times and in all places.

    1. That line comes from the scriptures in 2 Nephi 4:24 "And by day have I waxed bold in mighty prayer before him; yea, my voice have I sent up on high; and angels came down and ministered unto me."
      I loved the imagery that gives me! I'm glad it spoke to you, too and thank you for for your insight. Prayer really is available to us at all times! Why don't us proud mortals prioritize better and communicate with our Heavenly Father more fervently?!