Thursday, July 9, 2015


 I learned how to easily pre-cook, shred, and freeze chicken in bulk from A Slob Comes Clean.  So now I'm trying to find easy recipes that my family likes using my freezer full of chicken.

This turned out to be such a hit that the kids named this new recipe, "Chicken-tastic."  It's just a chicken salad sandwich, but I think their name is going to stick for us.  Tertius inhaled two of these sandwiches in a matter of minutes!

When I try something new like this, especially since it contains a vegetable they haven't been fans of in the past, I get them to help me make it.  They are much more likely to taste a meal (with minimal complaint) if they had a hand in preparing it.

What the Kids Can Do
1. add the mayo to the chicken
2. add the grapes (they used a ton!)
3. add the celery (they added a lot more than I thought they would!)
4. add salt and pepper (they didn't put very much so I don't know if it even made a difference, but it is fun to use the pepper grinder)
5. taste
6. stir
7. fill their own pita pockets

What I Did:
1. thaw the chicken
2. quarter the grapes
3. dice the celery
4. stir

Chicken-tastic (Chicken Salad Sandwich)

Stir together in a big bowl:
- precooked and shredded chicken
- mayonnaise
- grapes (quartered)
- celery (diced)
- salt and pepper

Stuff inside a whole wheat pita and enjoy!


  1. This is my favorite chicken salad recipe ever. It is truly delicious on a croissant. :)

    1. Yes! I've had it on croissants at so many baby showers, Relief Society lunches, wedding receptions. But I had never made it myself before. So good!