Thursday, July 9, 2015

Treasure Box (A Fun Way To Select Songs For Nursery)

For the past couple years we have had the kids select songs to sing in Nursery by letting them pick a laminated fish picture from a blue poster board.  They have loved it.

But now we have a different mix of kids and it has become clear that I need something that is easier to put up on a table out of the way when not being used. Also, some of the kids like to chew on the fish and pull off the velcro that is on the backs.  They were getting to be in bad shape.

Now we have a treasure box!

I found this brown index card box at a thrift store for 50 cents and used gold nail polish to make it look cool.

The song titles are written on these big plastic pennies.  I found these at the Dollar Store in packs of 10 (five brown, five silver.)

I wrote the song titles with ultra fine Sharpie.  But then I noticed that the sharpie wipes off too easily.  A little swipe of Mod Podge over the top of the sharpie took care of that problem!

The kids love to take turns picking out the treasure and finding out what song we get to do.
If there is a little asterisk next to the title, then that is to remind me that we have visual aides to go along with the song.  Some songs have actions or hand motions.  And then some songs like "I Love To See the Temple" have no motions or pictures.  So for those I'm teaching the kids how to conduct the music.  Often they will hold ribbons in their hands to do it.

I love Nursery!  Those children are so special and so recently from Heavenly Father!  Music really touches them and I love to share fun and inspiring songs with them.

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