Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's Ok to Switch Supervising Teachers

I've talked to a lot of different homeschooling moms from several different homeschool-supporting charter schools and I've reached an important conclusion...Your positive or negative experience with your school has more to do with your supervising teacher than anything else.

And so I'm here to tell you that it's ok to ask to switch to a different teacher.

It's ok to switch if you don't feel supported in your personal homeschooling style.  Or if she's consistently late to meetings.  Or if she insists on meeting with you at a Starbucks instead of coming to your home.  Or if she's messed up your orders too many times.  Or if she has no helpful suggestions when you ask for guidance in selecting curriculum.  Or if you feel uncomfortable, judged, or criticized when she's in your home.  Or if she doesn't seem to have genuine, sincere interest in getting to know you and your children.  Or if she fails to let you know about the awesome free websites the school has provided for you.  (These are all taken from the experiences of me and other moms I've talked to.)

It's ok to switch if you just don't "click" with her!  Just like when you're dating or making new friends, you (and your kids) are not going to "click" with everyone.  And I strongly believe that for you to have a successful relationship with your supervising teacher, and for your kids to have a positive homeschooling experience, you need to find someone that you feel comfortable with.  You need to feel supported and listened to.  You need to find someone that you won't hesitate sharing joys and concerns with.

Talk to other parents in your charter.  Find out what the school's actual policies are regarding things like testing, work sample collecting, attendance and learning records, and placing orders.  Find out if your criticisms with your teacher are valid or if they really are school policy issues (if the latter is the case, then maybe it's time to suck it up and just jump through their hoops, switch charters, or file a private school affidavit.)

When we started homeschooling in 2011, I was assigned to our first supervising teacher.  She was a nice person, but I had some criticisms and the most important thing was that I never felt really comfortable or supported by her.  We just didn't "click."

A couple years later, I posted on Facebook about needing suggestions for a new teacher and an acquaintance of mine spoke up and said she had room for more students.  It has been a wonderful relationship ever since!  She gives me guidance when I need it. She trusts my instincts, gives me freedom where possible, and stays out of my way when that's what I want.  My kids love her.  She takes the time to give attention to my little ones that aren't yet enrolled in order to start building a relationship and an excitement for school with them early.  We have enough time left over after going through the required meeting agenda to just shoot-the-breeze and talk as friends about our lives and families.  I'm so much happier now!

Also, I teasingly warned her before I sent in the paperwork to request a change that if she did XYZ, or didn't do JKL, that I would have to fire her.  And I guess she could always "fire" me if I was insufferable.  Honesty is important in a relationship, too, right?  😂

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