Friday, July 28, 2017

Vespasian Dog

When Hubby earned his teaching credential, I wanted to do something special with the kids to surprise him and mark the occasion.  We had some coupons for Build-a-Bear and so we made him a stuffed dog with a recorded message of us telling him how much we love him and that we're proud of him.  
Since Hubby is a history teacher and fanatic (incidentally, the t-shirt he's wearing in the picture says, "I <3 History"), I really wanted to dress his dog in an outfit that would make him look like a historical figure.  Did you know that no such thing exists?  I scoured Build-a-Bear's massive online and in store inventory and could find nothing that satisfied me.  I had to get creative.  

He's wearing a t-shirt that has a red cape attached.  Over that I put a white graduation gown, allowing the cape to stick out the back.  On top is some "leather armor" I made from a rectangle of brown felt.  A crown or wreath made from green pipe cleaner and faux ivy complete the look.

I was going for Alexander the Great, but Hubby informed me later that the result was more Roman, so he has now been named Emperor Vespasian.

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