Thursday, July 6, 2017

Transient Global Amnesia...Part 3

(Read *Part 1* here and *Part 2* here.)

That afternoon we finally got the last test results and a diagnosis.  (See the Facebook post below:)

We were discharged and went home to a quiet house.  I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis and to find out that it's really a big nothing.  Amnesia is scary but not life threatening.  For the next few days, I monitored his medication closely because his memory still wasn't strong enough.  I wasn't confident that he could take care of it himself.

The next few days (Thursday the 6th to Saturday the 8th) also seemed to be up and down.  He would appear to make progress and lose it.  It was very frustrating.  For him and me both.  Our Bishop stopped by for a short visit so that was really nice.

Friday the 7th I needed Hubby's mom to come and "babysit" him and the boys because the girls and I had a commitment that we couldn't get out of.  I worried about him the whole time we were gone.

Saturday the 8th was rough.  He seemed ok but then in the morning we all went to a birthday party for the daughter of our dear friends.  He was extremely "out of it" during the party.  He seemed sleepy and like he didn't know what was going on and wasn't being social.  A couple friends tried to engage him in conversation and he did ok.  After the party, and for a few days after, he couldn't even remember clearly that we went to a party nor remember who he talked to and about what.

That was very hard.  I was embarrassed for him and worried that I was ruining the party and that we shouldn't have come.  I was exhausted and was in desperate need of another break.  Thankfully, Hubby's friend Ed was able to come over and "babysit" him and the kids so I could get away.

I worried about Hubby during church the next day.  I had responsibilities in Primary so I had him sit with me and my class during at least part of the first hour.  The second hour he had his own responsibilities to attend to as Elders Quorum President.  Apparently everything went well and he continued to improve from there.

(Much of that above Facebook post was in response to comments people made regarding caffeine-I'm not an idiot, I always read labels and knew what was in the medicine and made a conscious choice to use it- and questions for clarification regarding the diagnosis and it's relationship to migraines.)

The ordeal was officially over by Tuesday the 11th, one week after that scary morning.  Hubby recorded the momentous occasion on his Facebook thus:

Thankfully, he has so far not had any recurrence of the Transient Global Amnesia, and no other migraine symptoms either.  I think this weird migraine thing was triggered by the stress of our work/finance situation.

It was so easy to see the hand of God throughout this whole time.  In ways big and small.  Happily, our faith and patience through this trial seemed to be rewarded.  When Hubby's school district was back from Spring Break, he was able to secure subbing jobs almost every day from then to the last day of school!  We're going to be ok!  Heavenly Father does provide!

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