Friday, July 14, 2017

This Is How We're Surviving the Summer Heat

This pool was gifted to us as a hand-me-down from friends when they moved.  It's about 2 feet deep and 11 feet diameter.  A pop-up sun shade over the top protects us from sun burns.  

It has been awesome!  The kids spend a couple hours out here about every day.  And it's actually been good for me to get some exercise in, too!  My routine which I do around the edges of the pool is as follows: walk lap or two, then do lunges, then lay on my stomach and pull myself along with my arms.  Once I've created a nice strong current, I turn around and start over, working against the current.

I don't look forward to taking it down this fall (or dealing with all the dead grass underneath) but for now, we'll just enjoy!

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