Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pudding Dirt Cups and Jello Aquariums

We recently bought a bunch of rock candy (they're like M'n'Ms-candy coated chocolate- in the shape and color of small pebbles).  They're so yummy and cool-looking and they got Secundus' wheels turning.  It had been a while since we'd made classic pudding dirt cups and she thought rocks would be a good addition to that recipe.  Then she figured out a way to make a cool aquarium-looking treat.  I helped her gather the supplies and she led her siblings and a friend in putting them together.  She did a great job!

Pudding Dirt Cups

1. Mix crushed Oreo cookies and a few candy rocks into chocolate pudding.  Put it in a cup.
2. Push a couple gummy worms into the pudding.
3. Put a layer of more crushed Oreos and candy rocks on top.
4. (not pictured) Cut slits along a long edge of a strip of green fruit leather.  Then loosely roll it up and stick it in the dirt so it looks like grass or a little bush.

Jello Aquariums

1. Put a layer of candy rocks in the bottom of a cup.
2. Place a sour gummy octopus (head side down) on top of the rocks.  It kind of looks like coral. (not pictured here)
3. Scoop blue Jello (that has already set) into the cup.
4. Push a couple colored Swedish fish into the jello.

I think this one turned out so neat!  Especially when you hold it up so the light shines through the Jello!  We did discover, though, that the summer heat melts the Jello, which in turn dissolves the candy coating on the rocks.  This results in a dark grey liquid with brown chunks at the bottom which we dubbed, "Dead Fish Sludge."  So maybe don't make this ahead of time unless you're going to keep it in the fridge until eating time.

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