Monday, September 22, 2014

A Bad Morning, But Not Wasted

Friday morning was rough.  Thursday night I stayed up late, as usual, for no good reason.  And then my limited sleep time was interrupted by a teething toddler who likes to soothe himself by rubbing and pinching my skin instead of a stuffy or blanket. 

I woke up Friday in a really bad mood and not much motivation to do school.  And this is why I'm glad we're doing weekly assignment sheets this year!

The girls' all day class Thursday was cancelled and they were motivated to use their extra time wisely.  They were proud of themselves and excited to complete most of their list so they would have an easier, lighter load Friday.  It worked out perfectly!

All Secundus had to do Friday was read for 25 minutes, one math page, one small writing assignment, and math facts practice.  All Primus had to do was piano practice, math facts practice, one spelling page, spelling test, and one small writing assignment.

So we got started late (about 8:30) and they were done by 10am.  They would have been done sooner if I had the energy to be more hands-on and push them along from task to task a little faster.

Literature was simply skipped and for History I taught the girls how to play Defeat the Romans and then they did that independently.  They also watched more Liberty's Kids during lunch.  The rest of the afternoon I thought I would nap while the kids entertained themselves, but instead I hid in my room reading a magazine and watching TV.

The day could have gone a lot worse.  I could have yelled more.  We could have accomplished less than we "needed" to and felt guilty or stressed about it.  But everything worked out well!

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