Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Black Thumb

I have a black thumb.  I don't know much about plants and have never had luck keeping them alive.  I knew we wanted to study them for science this year, though.  So I turned to my friend, "Grandma Cindy." 

So far we have been to two "science classes" at her house.  She had the kids start a bean sprout in a plastic bag, started 3 herbs (parsley, basil, sage) in make-shift green houses, started 3 flowers in those same greenhouses, and set up our Root Vue

I was so nervous when she sent everything home with us to wait for them to sprout!  But we're having success!  Two of the three bean bags sprouted, all the basil and sage sprouted, the carrots and radishes in the root vue sprouted, and two of the three flowers are doing excellently! 

The only things we are still waiting on is the green onions in the root vue, one flower, and the parsley.

I even transplanted everything (except the carrots and radishes) into bigger containers, as you can see.  And they still haven't died! 

Time to get real pots and transplant again.  Let's see how long this lasts!

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