Sunday, September 7, 2014

Halloween Party Snacks

 My girls had a Halloween party at theater class last year.  Everyone was told to bring a potluck lunch item.  All my girls could think to bring was cakes and candies.  That certainly wasn't going to happen!  So I had to come up with something that was "real" food but also still fun so they would be excited to take it.  This is what I came up with:

Severed Fingers and Giant Frog Eggs

 I cut hotdogs in half, trim a little off the tip for the fingernail, and cut a few little slits for the knuckles.  Boil until hot and then dip the cut end in ketchup.  The "eggs" are canned black olives just because I needed something in the middle of the plate to make it look good.

Only a few hotdogs were eaten when I picked them up.  Partly that is because there was so much food brought.  And it's also partly because apparently kids were freaked out.

Monster Barf (I didn't get a picture.)

I just mixed up a yummy, easy fruit salad with canned fruit cocktail, cool whip, and a package of Jello (just the dry powder.)  But then I put it in an empty gallon ice cream bucket and wrote "Barf Bucket" on the side.  

It didn't get eaten at all!  I guess kids were a little too nervous about that one. I thought it was delicious. 

Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern Cookies

These are just these cookies but instead of mixing the chocolate chips in, we stuck them in after scooping to make it look like a pumpkin face.

The stem is a piece of pretzel stick.  I may have to figure out a better way to do these, though, because the pretzel ended up soft and kind of weird texture.

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