Friday, September 26, 2014

Puberty Book

I'm finally getting around to sharing this project I was excited about at the end of last school year: Primus' Puberty Book.  I mentioned that we were working on it here and here.

I bought the blank hardcover book from Lakeshore Learning.  Together we decided as we went where we wanted to break up sections of text and where to add illustrations.

I wanted her study of Sex-Ed to be very scientific and clinical.  Just the facts.  None of the fluff found in conventional resources for kids.

The text was copied from Wikipedia.  We read it together and I explained some things to her.  The idea is that she'll read and re-read this book in the future and understand more each time. 

The illustrations were a combination of her drawings, photographs, diagrams printed from online, and diagrams found in a book and traced by her.

Not every concept necessitated, or lent itself easily to, an illustration.

At the very end, I had her trace a diagram of male anatomy.  Then orally we discussed "where babies come from."  There are several empty pages left at the back of the book so I anticipate we will have this discussion again and add text explaining it in years to come.

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