Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tri-fold Foam Board Puppet Theater

 Secundus loves to put on puppet shows.  I found some really cool PVC pipe puppet theaters on Pinterest.  She would love if I made one for her.  But then I found a cheaper, easier, flatter option.  It took her and I maybe half an hour to throw together this one using a tri-fold foam display board.

 It's impossible to see the pencil marks in this picture, but I used a 12X18 piece of paper as a template to cut the hole.

 (Pardon the mess in these photos.  We live here.)

Secundus chose pink for her curtain color.  We just used construction paper, but I will have to replace it with fabric soon for more durability.  I really like how the accordion-folded paper along the top looks, though.

We added a fabric curtain in the back to give her puppet shows a nice backdrop.

 Why, yes, I did use staples to make a casing for the string.  I just punched a hole on each side of the board to tie the string to. So if she doesn't want a background, the curtain can be pushed to one side.


Folds nice and (almost completely) flat.

I predict we'll be getting a lot of use out of this this year, especially as we learn and retell nursery rhymes and fairytales for our literature unit.

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